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"In just under an hour Andrea helped me figure out if I am eligible for an expat status in Belgium, how to apply for it and who should I contact, saving me a great amount of time and effort" - Sophie.

Expert: Andrea Catasti, International Tax / Corporate Lawyer / Attorney

Our expertise

Company incorporation and jurisdictions for incorporation - International tax planning - Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and ICOs - Global Intellectual Property - Purchase and sale agreements - Startups - Shareholder agreements - Equity agreements - Independent contractor agreements - International negotiation and contracts - US tax - EU tax - and more.

How it works

1. Tell us about your situation

Tell us about your enquiry by answering a couple of simple questions

2. We match you with our tax and legal advisors

Based on your answers we will match you with the best equipped expert

3. Get your doubts resolved on a 1-on-1 video call

Get on a 20 minute call with a fiscal advisor that will assist you and make sure to follow up on your enquiry.

Abroda matches you with top global tax and legal experts

A modern company setup

✓ Corporate advice on the best setup to handle remote employee's taxes and legal regulations.

✓ Personal advice for your remote employees: we help your employees with tax and legal inquiries, so they can work anywhere with peace of mind.

For Remote Workers

Get on a call and resolve all your doubts

Work remotely with peace of mind:

✓ Avoid double taxation troubles.
✓ Don't miss out on tax obligations and potential benefits.
✓ Get help setting up your company as a contractor.
✓ We have your back! We will follow up with you after the call and make sure it's all set.

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Smooth interaction and follow up

✓ A To Do list from your tax specialist so you don't forget important steps.

✓ Get further help and answers on any unresolved questions.

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